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Link-Building Strategies To Consider In 2022 That Anyone Can Use

Link building strategies to rank a website

Link building strategies are now an effective way to gain authority backlinks and increase organic traffic to our site, hence increasing the website’s rankings in Google SERPs.

But some of the SEO professionals, although, have exploited this unique opportunity that the internet has offered us by engaging in deceptive link procurement practices, which in effect hurts their rankings; you don’t have to be like them.

Today, I am going to explain some awesome link building strategies which helped me to increase my new website’s organic traffic tremendously. Below are those:

Guest Posting:

The benefits we can get from guest posting will be a lot. Research the websites or blogs that offer guest posts and reach out to them to contribute a guest post. There are a handful of blogs that welcome guest blog posts so start to get in touch with them to request a guest post. 

This is one of the most successful ways of getting quality backlinks to our website and also gaining a new audience for our blog posts. Contributing guest posts is by no means a new technique but works well if done perfectly. 

In addition to the SEO boost, massive traffic, brand awareness, and networking with key industry influencers can be achieved. All that you have to do is to create and contribute content regularly.

Broken Link Building

This broken link-building strategy concept is very simple and can also be highly efficient in link building strategies to rank. What’s more, it’s ethical, and for everyone involved, it’s a huge win. The person you’re contacting can modify a broken link, and you will get a backlink in return.

First, use a tool like Broken Link Checker to inspect for broken links of any website you want. Think about any websites you want to connect to and then just check for broken links. 

Upon finding a list of links, check if you have certain information or articles on your website that might be linked to perhaps. The next step is to contact the blogger and let them be informed about the broken link and your suggestion for a replacement. 

It’s a very simple method that can help enormously! But it is also time-consuming, just like most link building strategies.

Resource Page Link Building

This strategy is one of the most effective link building strategies for creating links; the goal is to get the reference (link) on the resource pages. What makes the building of resource site links so interesting is that they are easy to identify with a simple search on Google, and their authors are always seeking amazing new content.

Indeed, this is the intent of the resource page link building. Search engines also consider resource pages as good link sources – that ensures they could have a major impact on your ranking.

A resource page aims to curate the best content in a particular niche out there. So make sure your content is high quality and informative and falls into one of the categories presented before you start reaching out to get your content on someone’s resource list.

Pitching the resource page normally has a lower success rate since you’re requesting people to do things like a waste of time.

Inviting Guest Bloggers

If the method of the guest post is considered common, this is not the case. In practical terms, it is quite interesting that these link building strategies have not been explored by too many people. Rather than writing guest posts on other sites, what this strategy means is turning the system by asking famous bloggers to write guest posts on your website.

When you want to expand your website to other bloggers, setting up some guidelines is a great idea so you can prevent contributions of poor quality. It may be a bit more difficult to create and maintain guidelines that attract excellent contributions if it’s your first time actually with guest bloggers.

You will need to first demonstrate the requirements and objectives of your blog to create these guidelines. From there, it’s up to your future guest bloggers to read and follow these guidelines. On my blogs, I have mastered this technique, and my techniques are based on practical knowledge!

Link Reclamation:

Link reclamation is an essential component of an effective SEO link building strategy, but if you don’t know what it is, or why it is useful, it may seem annoying. Building backlinks is not a simple process, so it can be frustrating when your high-earned backlinks disappear entirely or when you find a broken backlink, it’s negatively affecting your SEO efforts, and damaging the whole credibility of your website.

Reclaiming lost backlinks is a bit more complicated task because we have no control over external links and it is up to other website owners. We can use paid tools like Ahrefs or Majestic to find the broken backlinks of our website or can use free backlink checker tools like SEO Review tools.After you have your broken backlink list, contact the website owners to provide them with the appropriate links to your website. Most likely, they will understand and appreciate your efforts and will be happy to update their page with the correct URL. This way, reclaiming backlinks is a great opportunity to strengthen SEO. It is a great way to get high quality backlinks for free.

Competitor Backlink Research

SEO’s main important component is to get inbound links from other sites to your website, preferably do-follow links. You can procure backlinks from the websites related to your niche, but it’s more effective to figure out who’s linking to your competitors first. 

Search with your targeted keyword in Google to see who is ranking at the top in your niche. Shortlist the top five competitors. Generally, I will use Neil Patel’s Backlink Checker tool to know the competitor’s backlinks. 

Simply enter one of your competitor backlinks in the tool and select whether to look for domain-level backlinks or page-level backlinks and hit the search button. You will get a list of competitor backlinks and from there you have to use filters to look for Dofollow links. 

The results are pages that link to your competitor. Start analyzing links one by one, research which type of backlink it is, and follow the procedure to earn backlinks for your website too!

I’ve just written here on how to earn backlinks in 2022. 

This is a living list, though. I need to hear from you now; what do you think of my latest linking building techniques in 2022?