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Socrates Theme Review

The WordPress Socrates Theme was created to allow users to quickly generate thousands of unique website designs. According to rumors, this may be the last theme you purchase for your website. Socrates is a sponsored theme that includes more than 220 topic headers, exceptional support.

Dan Nickerson and Joel Comm created the Socrates WordPress theme. Joel is a social media expert, bestselling author, accomplished internet marketer, and executive producer and host of an online reality show. Two of his most well-known efforts are the AdSense Code and the iPhone iFart application.

Dan is the founder of various Internet marketing products, including LinkOpp, Traffic Sweeps, and ExitXpress, and has been an online entrepreneur for over 12 years. He also serves as a mentor to many young and aspiring webmasters.

Features of the WordPress Socrates Theme:

When I was looking for a product, I came across the Socrates WP Theme and decided to give it a try. The Socrates Theme has over 50 different backgrounds, over 160 custom header designs, a simple monetization tool, several layout styles, and much more.

You may have instant access to a variety of video lessons, including WordPress and Socrates installation, Adsense for WordPress, choosing profitable niches and fantastic domains, cPanel and plugin setup, and much more.

How Does The WordPress Theme Socrates Work?

Socrates Theme enables you to create niche blogs on the WordPress platform and immediately add custom monetization options such as Adsense. The admin panel included with this theme makes customising and monetizing your site a snap. Custom header images, alternative layouts, social media, styles, and backdrops are just a few of the features available.

What Sets the Socrates Theme Apart:

Socrates WP Theme is a professional WordPress theme with all of the features you’ll need to launch a successful online business. This wordpress theme particularly pleased me because it was built specifically for marketers by a team of successful internet marketers, thus it’s mash with all the features and tools that may help users earn thousands of dollars online. You’ll get a built-in marketing tool. So you can start earning money right away after installation.

Furthermore, this WordPress theme is entirely search engine optimized, ensuring that your website will rank in the top 10 results on Google. Furthermore, you will receive WordPress and internet marketing training videos to assist you in finding profitable niches, domains, and increasing your Adsense earnings. You may also utilize templates for squeeze and sales pages to increase your sales commission.

To add to the interest, the theme is available through a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Furthermore, when you get Socrates Theme for a modest price, you will have immediate access to high-quality features and tools.


Out of another box, the Socrates Theme supports four menu locations: Primary, Top Bar, Footer, and Mobile. While you can’t add more places (hey, it’s a lightweight theme! ), I believe these are the most important and will serve for the majority of your needs.

All can be accessed directly from the Customize menu.


The Socrates theme supports Google Fonts compatibility, which can be found in the Customizer’s Fonts & Sizes section.

There are so many options accessible, including mobile font settings, that it would be difficult to find something that isn’t there. As a WordPress user, I’m sure you’re aware that you can edit things on individual articles with only a little CSS knowledge. But with Socrates Theme, you don’t have to, which is another big plus in my book.


Widgets became popular relatively early in the history of the Internet and HTML, albeit they were known by different names at the time. The goal is to have a piece of code that just displays one thing and that you can reuse on the screen as many times as you need.

The Socrates Theme has a number of predefined widget spaces, including:

Header, Top Banner, Bottom Banner, Landing Page Footer, Right Sidebar, Page Left Sidebar, Member Sidebar, Footer.


Other is a theme-specific group where you may change the date and author lines, the search form in the header area, featured picture display on articles, and other handy features on and off.

You may even provide the title of the 404 page as well as the basic HTML code that will be shown. Very useful, and no further plugin is required.

Socrates Toolkit

With the purchase, you also get a plugin called Socrates Toolkit. It enables you to do some things that average free themes need additional plugins for, which adds up to the loading times.

Overall, the WordPress Socrates Theme is an excellent pick for anyone starting a successful WordPress blog. Give it a try today, and your blog will be up and running in no time!